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Most Popular Recent Op-ed

Nurses need to be listened to, not blamed

By Suzanne Gordon

Stop blaming nurses for the potential spread of Ebola.

Medicaid refusals create new Mason-Dixon Line

by Glenn Harris and LeeAnn Hall

Historically, the Mason-Dixon Line divided states that embraced slavery and those that rejected it. Today, there is a new Mason-Dixon Line in America. This time, it’s a dividing line for Medicaid, one of the country’s most important health insurance programs.
Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, all states can now expand Medicaid coverage to almost all their poor and near-poor residents. But almost half of our states are saying no. This expansion comes with almost full federal funding, which means that money is not driving these decisions.

Rick Perry has no place for Latinos

By Jose Miguel Leyva

Rick Perry’s aspiration to rule the United States as he ruled Texas would be terrible for all of us — especially minorities and the poor.
Perry, who just stepped into the GOP presidential fray, spent his 14 years as governor sidelining entire segments of the population.

We don't need armed students on campus

By Starita Smith

A new Texas law allowing college students to carry concealed guns is part of a dangerous national trend.
Texas has just joined Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin on the list of states authorizing concealed handguns for students over the age of 21. Twenty-three other states give their universities the leeway to decide whether to allow guns.

Encouraging signs for American Muslims

by Moustafa Bayoumi

Times are tough for American Muslims, but there are also plenty of reasons to be optimistic.
First, the bad news. Organized bigotry against Muslims continues to thrive.
In Arizona, about 250 protesters recently assembled in front of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix for a rally designed to intimidate Muslims. Many of the demonstrators came bearing arms.

States humiliate poor with crackdown

By David A. Love

Legislators across the country are launching a mean-spirited campaign to block poor people from purchasing certain kinds of foods, products or services.
Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin has introduced a bill to prevent food stamp recipients from buying “cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood, or steak.”