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Most Popular Recent Op-ed

Puerto Rican prisoner should be freed

By Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero, May 29, 2013

It was out of proportion to keep incarcerating him 14 years ago. Today, it is simply a disgrace.

Washington mishandles Snowden affair in Latin America

By Miguel Tinker Salas, July 13, 2013

Washington has blundered in Latin America with its handling of the Edward Snowden affair.

Aid to Haiti needs to be redone

By Tenior Guerrier, July 12, 2013

Hurricane season is pummeling Haiti again, and Washington’s usual response won’t suffice.

My case shows need to abolish death penalty

By Kirk Bloodsworth, July 8, 2013

Almost exactly 20 years ago, I became the first death row prisoner in the United States to clear my name through DNA evidence.

July 4 occasion to commemorate our roots

By Kathy Ko Chin, July 4, 2013

For me, July 4 is special because it celebrates what Lady Liberty symbolizes — our shared immigrant roots.

Obama’s Africa trip needs policy overhaul

By Carina Ray, July 1, 2013

Critics of President Obama’s trip to Africa are focusing on the wrong issue.