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Most Popular Recent Op-ed

Nurses need to be listened to, not blamed

By Suzanne Gordon

Stop blaming nurses for the potential spread of Ebola.

We need to initiate comprehensive police reform

By Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

The unjustified shooting in South Carolina yet again demonstrates the necessity of police reform.
We only know the truth about the encounter between Officer Michael Slager and Walter Scott in North Charleston, S.C., because of a video by an unseen bystander. The video reveals that Slager lied in his initial recounting of the shooting and that he tampered with evidence.

Hillary Clinton needs to champion public schools

By Ruth Conniff

In the video announcing her run for president, Hillary Clinton declares, “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.” To make that campaign slogan credible, Clinton needs to take a clear position defending public schools.
All over the country, a growing movement of parents, teachers and students is rising up against overtesting, school closings and shady schemes that channel public funds into private schools.
A recent front-page article in The New York Times described Clinton’s dilemma on the issue.

U.S. Again Isolated at Americas Summit

by Miguel Tinker Salas

The Obama administration wants to make Venezuela the new Cuba.
In December, shortly after President Obama announced that he wanted to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba, he ironically declared his intention to impose sanctions on Venezuelan officials. Then in March, he signed an executive order stating that Venezuela constituted an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.”

Congressional Black Caucus Should Back U.S.-Iran Deal

by Clarence Lusane

The Congressional Black Caucus should enthusiastically back the U.S.-Iran nuclear agreement.
There’s been lots of excitement about the deal — a global effort that has involved not just the United States and Iran, but also the European Union and the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. Yet, while Iranians are dancing in the streets and people around the world are cautiously hopeful, Republicans in Congress are threatening to pass legislation that will kill the accord.

Ted Cruz Has Nothing to Offer the Country

by Jose Miguel Leyva

Imagine a politician so desperate to stay relevant that he runs out and takes the most contrary position possible to any rational argument. We don’t have to imagine, though, since we have Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, now a GOP presidential contender.
Cruz, who asked the American people during his announcement speech to imagine his notion of an ideal future, is in big trouble amid stagnant approval ratings.
A February poll in our state showed that even Texas Republicans are split between him and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for their party’s presidential nomination.