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Most Popular Recent Op-ed

Nurses need to be listened to, not blamed

By Suzanne Gordon

Stop blaming nurses for the potential spread of Ebola.

U.S. Should Show Compassion Toward Children

by Randy Jurado Ertll

The Obama administration should stop deporting children. Unfortunately, it seems dead set on doing that.

On June 20, Vice President Joe Biden met in Guatemala with senior officials from that country, as well as from El Salvador and Honduras. More than 20,000 children from these nations were apprehended on the border last year, twice as many as the year before. This year, the United States is projecting that 90,000 children from these countries will try to cross the border.

Supreme Court Buffer Zone Decision Troubling

By Anastasia Scangas

Every Saturday morning, I escort patients into a reproductive health clinic. So I’m troubled by the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning the buffer zone in Massachusetts that protected such women.

The Supreme Court ruled that the 35-feet buffer zone interfered with the free speech rights of a grandmother and others who said they just wanted to quietly counsel the women going into the clinic.

60 Years After CIA Coup, No Change in U.S. Policy

by Teo Ballve

Sixty years ago this month, the democratically elected president of Guatemala was ousted in a coup engineered by the CIA. To this day, Washington has failed to learn the lessons of its Cold War interventions in Latin America.

Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz had drawn Washington’s ire by implementing the central pledge he made in his electoral campaign: distributing idle farmlands to the rural poor.

Silicon Valley Needs to Solve Its Diversity Problem

by Orson Aguilar

Congratulations to Google for owning up to its massive diversity problem, a problem that seems endemic in the Silicon Valley tech world.

Late last month, Google’s senior vice president of people operations, Laszlo Bock, came clean. In a blog post entitled “Getting to work on diversity at Google,” he revealed that 70 percent of Google’s employees were men, 60 percent were white, only 3 percent were Hispanic and only 2 percent were black.

“It’s time to be candid about the issues,” he wrote.

Yes, it is!

No Child Is a Superpredator

By Xavier McElrath-Bey

I am a superpredator.

At least that is how criminologists would have described me when I was a teenager.

I was sentenced for my role in a first-degree murder when I was 13, just before the superpredator theory came into being.

A handful of criminologists, using apocalyptic language, claimed that kids would be responsible for a dramatic increase in violent crime during the 1990s. Such kids would be impulsive and remorseless. Black and Latino youth would be the center of that explosion in violence, according to the theory.